Filmed by Marco Misheff, Vadim Pegassov and Lia Rossi
Directed and edited by Marco Misheff

Music by Mauro Gambardella, Glenda Frassi and Grethel Frassi
Produced by Gambardellas and Giovanni Spinotti
Mixed by Giovanni Spinotti @ Indiehubstudio – Milan
Mastered by Lee Fletcher @ Fletchertronic studio – UK


This ain’t a race but you
Have won the first prize
Someone could even cheer you
While you cheat and lie
searching for adulation
your so-called art form
Without more hesitation
Here’s what you long for

You’re one in a million

You started this situation
It’s dragging us down
Your Mediocrity is exalted
And it burns me out
In this country full of cowards
You’re the king of rock n roll
I won’t give you any award
But one more fake praise

You’re one in a million

You know that this won’t last forever
You know that this won’t last for you

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